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how does "duplicate of/duplicated by" links affect severity and subscribers?

Binoy D'costa (9532737) | asked Oct 08 '14, 4:50 p.m.
Does adding a "duplicate of" link in a workitem change severity and subscribers in the original workitem? A user experienced this issue in CLM5.0 env.


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Susan Hanson (1.6k2201194) | answered Oct 08 '14, 4:58 p.m.
I've seen this also.  For subscribers, I think it adds all of the subscribers.  For the severity, I assume it only would make the severity "higher".  For example, if I have a sev 2 and a sev 3 (where 2 is higher/more critical than 3), then if I dup the sev 2 to the sev 3, I would expect the sev 3 to be changed to a sev 2.  If I go the other way, dup a sev 3 to a sev 2, I would NOT expect RTC to make the severity lower.

Although this is just my guess .. I can't find any documentation to support it.

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