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How to remove scrollbar from RRDI widgets in RTC?

Jorge Valdeiglesias (541823) | asked Sep 29 '14, 9:55 p.m.
I'm having an issue with the widgets I add from RRDI report resources into any RTC dashboard. They all show both horizontall and vertical scrollbar.

It doesn't matter if the report fits the sceen or not, even when I maximize it it shows both bars.

I'm saving the report as report.micro<report_name> so I can save the settings.

At the moment we have RTC 5.0 installed and the problem started when we did the upgrade to 4.0.4 or so.

Any idea why this happen and how to fix it?

Jorge Valdeiglesias commented Sep 29 '14, 9:57 p.m.

Here is a screenshot:

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