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Creating new Reports

Michel Duynisveld (61) | asked May 05 '09, 12:18 p.m.
I'm trying to create new reports for use in RQM. The way I'm doing it is (unnecessarily) tedious and I'm still not able to make the reports I want.

What I've done so far:

- Installed RQM 1.0.1
- Installed RTC standard 1.0.1.
- Installed Birt
- report Framework 2.2.2
- dtp 1.5.2
- emf-sdo-xsd 2.3.2

I'm using the derby DB.

First I start the Rational Quality Manager Server. With Team Concert I connect to the server and project area. The only item that appears in the list is "Work Items". The download page promised the Reports feature with the standard RTC edition.

Then I also installed Jazz Team Server. Copied my repositoryDB to the Jazz Team Server location and started the server. Connecting with the RTC express edition or the standard edition gives me the Reports Feature.

Setting the perspective to the birt report designer view allowed me to open and edit an existing report. But I wasn't able to create a datasource (Jazz data source) based upon: PLANNING_SNAPSHOT. It's not available in the list of snapshots.

Is it possible to have the report feature enabled if the RepositoryDB is served by RQM?
How can I create a new datasource based on Planning_snapshot?

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Helen Lozoraitis (60624) | answered May 07 '09, 12:08 p.m.
Hi, customized BIRT reporting is not supported by RQM 1.0.1; however, a customized reporting solution is in the works for RQM 2.0.

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Michel Duynisveld (61) | answered May 22 '09, 8:57 a.m.
There is an updated license available :

This will add Reports on the list in RTC. Everything I needed is now available.

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