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Get workitem information

Theo van Oostrum (1141) | asked May 01 '09, 5:10 p.m.
Dear Jazz participant,

I want to be able to get some data associated with a workitem.
First off all i want to get the team area from a workitem. I looked at the IWorkItem API and i couldn't find a method to get the teamarea associated with that workitem. I know i should be able to get this information somehow, because when looking at a workitem in the Web UI, the team area is listed there. Does anybody know how to get this through the API?

I am also interested in finding the relationship between a workitem and a changeset. In the RTC client it is possible to associate a workitem with a change set. How can i find this relationship through the API?

Theo van Oostrum

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Marcel Bihr, Jazz Work Item team (1.4k) | answered May 04 '09, 4:34 a.m.
Hi Theo
Have a look at IWorkItemClient#findProcessArea. This computes the Team or Project area of the work item.
Some hints on how to work with client libraries and IWorkItemClient are also available from:

Change-sets are references. On the client you can use e.g. WorkItemWorkingCopy#getReferences and then the endpoint of the 'change-set' links (e.g. via ILinkTypeRegistry#getLinkType(ILinkConstants#CHANGESET_WORKITEM_LINKTYPE_ID)#getSourceEndPointDescriptor).
Use WorkItemWorkingCopyRegistry#connect and getWorkingCopy to get a WorkItemWorkingCopy.


Jazz Work Item team

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