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How to list Test Cases not in Test Suites

Søren Wassard (1524) | asked Aug 04 '14, 6:36 a.m.
 I would like to be able to find / list  all test cases in a project area which are not connected to test suite, or create a report which shows me the test cases not linked to test suites.

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Georg Kellner (840479109) | answered Aug 04 '14, 7:21 a.m.
Hi Soren,

afaik this it not possible by query or so.

It should be possible be getting all testsuites, make a list of the containing testcases and run a diff against all testcases.

greetings georg.
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Søren Wassard (1524) | answered Aug 04 '14, 7:41 a.m.

I've raised enha´ncement 120331 reg. this issue;

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