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RTC process customization ID length limit

Marko Tomljenovic (31646109) | asked Jul 17 '14, 4:54 a.m.
When defining e.g. new work item types an ID must be given for it.
Is there a limit on the length of this ID string?

If so does the same limit apply to all IDs (work item type, attribute, workflow, ...)?

I am curious because our IDs are getting pretty long (up to 100 characters) and will get longe rin future.

Thank you

Donald Nong commented Jul 18 '14, 1:44 a.m.

The column "Identifier" of attribute and "work_item_type" of work item are both defined as varchar(250) in the database.

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Marko Tomljenovic (31646109) | answered Jul 18 '14, 2:18 a.m.
Fine, thank you for the info.

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