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BIRT report in RTC: how to export a report called passing params via call

Alberto Teodoro (6631733) | asked May 27 '14, 4:37 p.m.
I've tried to use the WI_ID as parameter in the report call (directly via url) and it works fine.
But, I'd also like to save the report that I view: when I call it, using for the action "", I'm not able to extract it, because the exported report one is not more based on  the parameter I've passed in my url call.
The only way to export it, seems to be by editing the paramether (WI_ID) in the form of the page Report itself.
There is the way to view it and save at the same time, when I call the Report by a parameters call?
i.e. I'm using the following call:
https://<my clm server>/ccm/web/projects/<Area Project Name>

A similiar argument was treated here:

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