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Internal Error in a BIRT report with a cascaded parameter group (based on multiple datasets)

Hansruedi Ehrenberg (2558) | asked Sep 06 '12, 7:48 a.m.

Hello all

we are on RTC and BIRT 2.5.2

In eclipse BIRT I have created a report with the two datasources:


Based on these I have created

  • the two parameter datasets
    • Project Parameter dataset
      • based on the LIVE_WORKITEM_CNT table
      • with the selected the output columns PROJECT_AREA_NAME, PROJECT_AREA_ITEMID and CONTRIBUTOR_ITEMID
      • the default value of the parameter CONTRIBUTOR_ITEMID is set to '{Current Contributor}'
    • Query Parameter dataset
      • based on the table
      • with the selected output columns itemId, name, projectArea.itemId and creator.itemId
      • the default value of the parameter creator.itemId is set to '{Current Contributor}'
      • the parameter projectArea.itemId is linked to the Project parameter of the cascaded Parameter Group Project - Query

  • a cascaded parameter group Project - Query based on multiple datasets with the two parameters
    • Project
      • based on the dataset Project Parameter
      • display type List Box
      • value set to PROJECT_AREA_ITEMID
      • display text set to PROJECT_AREA_NAME
    • Query
      • based on the dataset Query Parameter
      • display type List Box
      • value set to itemId
      • display text set to name

In the eclipse BIRT designer and on our RTC training environment this report is running successful.
As expected I can select only Projects where I am assigned to work. Selecting a project I can only select the queries I have created for the selected project. All works like I have expected.

When I publish exactly the same report design into our RTC Production environment the report is not running. I get an internal error. Neither the project nor the query can be selected.

May I ask you to help me in this issue?



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Vladimir Amelin (70472226) | answered Sep 06 '12, 8:07 a.m.
I've run into some issues with cascaded paramaters and found out multiple datasets are not supported. It may work but not officially supported in RTC (at least up to Only single data set works correctly.

Hansruedi Ehrenberg commented Sep 06 '12, 8:30 a.m.

Hello Vladimir, do you have implemented a workaround? if yes how? Thanks for some more details, Hansruedi

Vladimir Amelin commented Sep 06 '12, 8:32 a.m.

I was lucky to find one dataset which contained all needed data for cascaded parameters)

Hansruedi Ehrenberg commented Sep 07 '12, 2:40 a.m.

Hello Vladimir, what I do not understand is why my cascaded report is successfully running on our RTC Training system and on the RTC Production system not. Any idea why?

Vladimir Amelin commented Sep 07 '12, 3:23 a.m.

Does you training environment based on too? Only idea that comes to mind is difference in data. Sometimes I get intenal error when there are too much values in parameter tree. Are project areas and queries identical on both environments?

Hansruedi Ehrenberg commented Sep 07 '12, 7:00 a.m.

The Training and Production environment are both on Project areas and queries are not identical. On the Production server the number of projects and queries is much greater.

Vladimir Amelin commented Sep 07 '12, 7:09 a.m.

Then the number of returned rows is likely cause. Only way to verify is to re-create project areas and queries (just save them without setting all conditions) in training environment manually and reproduce the issue. Also you can clone production DB, but in this case you have to isolate training environment from production one (to work with same Public URL).

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