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RTC & RPE: Problem showing values of enumerations for custom attributes

Alberto Teodoro (6632638) | asked May 13 '14, 2:19 a.m.

Hi all,
I have created a RPE report for RTC 4.0.2 and it worked fine: the values of a custom attribute based on an enumeration were well decoded and showed in the document report using the RPE displayValue.

Then I have upgrated my CLM to 4.0.6 and the RPE report doesn't work anymore properly: it shows now only the literal values and the attribute values are not decoded.
I.e. before in my report, for the custom attribute "Stato Test", I've got the value "Aperto", while now the value showed in the report is "alm.stato.test.literal.l2".

I have also noticed that before, in the allExtentions query, the desired attribute displyValue was showed, while now it is not showed anymore.

Many thanks



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Subramanya Prasad Pilar (4.6k16) | answered May 13 '14, 7:33 a.m.
edited May 13 '14, 7:38 a.m.
Can you try using stringExtensions (or something similar) instead of allExtensions? Ideally the same template should work unless anything is changed in RTC's Reportable REST API.
You can also create a Special Attribute in RPE to retrieve the particular value from Enumerations.

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Subramanya Prasad Pilar (4.6k16) | answered May 15 '14, 2:04 a.m.
Hi Alberto,
Were you able to get the value as expected?

Alberto Teodoro commented May 15 '14, 3:51 a.m.

Hi Prasad,
many thanks for the answer.

I had to change my query and so, the RPE code in Template.
I tried using stringExtensions (and all ather ones) but at the end the correct decoding of my literal for the enumeration was showed only using allExtensions and the or ( | ) declaring "displayValue".

I try to better explain me.
Before, in CLM 4.0.2), I got the value of my custom attribute with the Enumeration transcoded, using the query:

Now (in CLM 4.0.6), I have the value, rightly, decoded using the following query:


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