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Problems keeping source control enabled - RFT / VS 2005

Jeremy Hart (11) | asked Apr 07 '09, 7:14 p.m.
We're using RFT 8.0 in the Visual Studio 2005 environment and have recently implemented Team Concert for source control.

One of my devs is still using the beta build ( of the VS 2005 RTC Client, while I have updated to the non-beta labeled (yet still version of the VS 2005 RTC client (installed via installation manager).

The problem previously (running with the beta is that upon launch of VS 2005, we would log into the RTC server, then load the solution. However, the solution didn't appear to be under source control at that point. We would have to select an item in the solution, right click it and select "share project in jazz" at which point we would get a message stating it was already under source control. We could then click <ok> and the source control indicators would then show and we could deliver and accept changes to and from the stream as desired.

Since updating to the non-beta, installed via installation manager after uninstalling the beta through add/remove programs, I experience the same problem except that now the previous workaround is bringing up the wizard to share the whole project again instead of the message telling me it's already under source control. I have removed my local copy and re-loaded it from the stream and still have the same problem. I compared the .SLN file on my new local copy to my devs copy and the source control info is identical.

I have run out of troubleshooting ideas at this point, even after reading through the online documentation.

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