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RAM non registered user I need to delete

Gerald Gordon (7011319) | asked Apr 03 '14, 2:22 p.m.
We have RAM installed for a couple of years now and we are trying fix a registration problem.Our RAM env is using IBM LDAP as a source for non registered users.  We have two sets of licenses floating and named licenses.

Scenario: New user was added to LDAP and when they first logged into RAM, RAM asked them to fill out the form and register.  The New user did not fill out the form and did not click register and this could have caused a problem in the DB.  Now every time the user logs into RAM they get access to RAM but the userid does not show up in the top right corner instead the user id says logout and the three icons next to the name are all grayed out. However, if I click on my dashboard as this non registered user, it shows the userid, but when I click edit it says this user is not registered so they can't edit their profile; This is significant for us because I need to add this user into a few critical communities in RAM, but I can't find the userid because something is not working during the registration process.

My request
How do I remove a non registered user from RAM database tables.  Or how do I get this user back to the initial registration form. Since this time subsequent users have registered and they are not having any issues with the initial registration in RAM.  It's just this one id that is having problems.

Gerald Gordon commented Apr 04 '14, 5:03 p.m.

IBM RAM Development i know you are busy but can someone please take a look at my request.

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Bryan Song (761) | answered Apr 15 '14, 10:58 p.m.
Hi Gerald,

Clear everything of your browser and the re-login use this account, and if the same issue keeps happen, please check table RAMSCHEMA.USERID to see whether this user is registered correctly in RAM db, and then delete the row of this user.

ATTENTION: Please be very very careful when doing this because your careless may cause disaster to RAM, eg: delete another user. Also, if the user has already created some asset in RAM, and then when you are reviewing the history of this asset, an exception will throw out because no user is found, this is just a quick workaround to your emergency, please be very careful of using it...

Thanks & regards...


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