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accepting changes into a WS

Daniel martin (10122826) | asked Mar 26 '09, 12:10 p.m.
I made the following change on my windows pc file to trigger a build.
// Hello world
// will the accept work?
// another build
// build again please

The file on my Linux WS(build) has:

// Hello world
// will the accept work?
// another build

WHY am I getting the following in the BuildForge adaptor and command line? The only changes made to the Linux WS are teh result of accepts, so not sure how there could be unresolved changes. This is the second time I have encountered this problem.

Accepting changes from "NFR TESTS Team Stream" into "RTC_S2"
No baselines to flow.
Problem running 'accept':
Accepting incoming changes may conflict with unresolved changes. Please check in all unresolved changes or use --force.

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