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RTC and Build Forge - implementing "Private Builds" for the

Adrian Daniels (6312120) | asked Mar 25 '09, 7:25 a.m.

When setting up builds for the JBE you can include an SCM page which
allows the capability for "Private Builds".

A large customer of mine requires the "Private Build" functionality when
using the Build Forge to RTC integration.

Has any body achieved this ?

The scenario is that I would like Build Forge to take care of where the
build will be executed across an available build server farm managed by
Build Forge - we are talking about supporting as many as 6000 developers
So how do I tell the Build Forge project which Repositiory Workspace to
use - so I guess that I could pass this as a parameter.
For this to work I would then have to load from the repository workspace
into a temporary Eclipse workspace on the chosen build machine - I can
see that this could be achieved using the "TeamFetch" Ant task - but
then I hit a problem as to how to tell BF which BuildResultUUID to
report build progress against and the default RTC/BF integration does
not seem to pass this information through to Build Forge.

So the over riding goal here is to allow a developer to request a
"private build" using the BF real estate and gain all those great
advantages like increased/distributed processing power, common build

Are there any plans to include a JazzSCM configuration page into the
default RTC/BF integration ?


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