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Issues with Bulk Work Item Move Plugin v4.0

Joel Lonneker (391016) | asked Feb 28 '14, 4:42 p.m.
edited Feb 28 '14, 4:44 p.m.
 Hey All,
I am finding issues (unable to get it function) utilizing the 4.0 Bulk Move plugin for the RTC zip eclipse client.

Process found here:

Server setup:
RTC Server = RHEL x64 
Application = 4.0.3
JTS/CCM servers are isolated horizontally.

Client setup:
RTC Client 4.0 (zip)
Windows 7 Enterprise

The last time I was successfully able to bulk move work items was when our server was on and my RTC client was also  Now that we have upgraded to 4.0.3 (and the highest version of this plugin is 4.0), I have not had success with this.

We are 3+ years in to use of RTC and are definitely in a stage of reforming our layout, so A LOT of work items need to shuffle around between existing and new project areas so this is a big need for us.

Process taken:
1. Downloaded new zip 4.0 RTC client
2. downloaded plugin from link above
3. unzipped plugin and copied (overriding existing) the files to C:\M<installFolder>\RTC-Client-Win-4.0\jazz\client\eclipse\plugins
4. Ran -clean option while executing eclipse
5. Executed query
6. Selected multiple work items and right clicked
7. Move/Copy unavailable (grey'd out)

I have not attempted to this with the client and plugin as I've long since uninstalled that version and recall it had issues with non-matching versions.

Any thoughts here?  Could version mismatch be causing the issue (client 4.0 : server 4.0.3)?

Joel Lonneker

Joel Lonneker commented Mar 12 '14, 2:47 p.m. | edited Mar 12 '14, 2:47 p.m.

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Marek Siekierski (817510) | answered Mar 03 '14, 10:34 a.m.
Hi Joel,

You are doing the right thing by using the 4.0 client as the replacement jar files might not work using 4.0.x clients. That being said, I do not think this plugin has been tested extensively with newer server versions - I tried this in my own environment and was unsuccessful using a 4.0 client with a 4.0.3 server (the option was greyed-out), so I think that this is a version mismatch issue.

Joel Lonneker commented Mar 03 '14, 1:45 p.m.

 Thanks for the response, Marek!

With the system as-is, we are advertising that project managers and super users keep their existing team areas and categories in place in their source project areas and then making plans to create new work in their destination project areas.  The workaround we are using is to configure the new and old project areas as associates, which seems to be getting them by.  Ideally, work items would have a fluidness to them so I'd still like to see this plugin updated OR web client functionality enabled.

I wonder if IBM would be able to put in a quick (as-is) update for 4.0.3+ and up-coming 5.


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Anatoliy Khludov (32713) | answered Jun 15 '14, 7:30 p.m.
I have the same issue, however I am using Server v.4.0 in my test environment. So both Server and Client versions are 4.0 but the Move/Copy option is grayed out. I've seen reports that people were able to use v3 plugin but never saw anyone reporting about successful use of the v4 plugin. If someone was able to use it please share your experience as it is very important for us to get it working.

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