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How to prevent change of changeset description when linking additional work items?

Arne Bister (2.6k12832) | asked Feb 16 '14, 5:58 p.m.

for purposes of mimicking metadata on changesets I need to link additional work items to changesets with existing work item links. This works both manually and using the >scm add workitem ... command, but adding the new work item changes the changeset description:
changed description after adding new task
This is unwanted as it perturbs the users viewing their changeset histories or change details.

My current workaround is to:
- check for existing workitems and find the one that matches the prefix of the changeset description
- remove that work item and store the UUID
- add the new work item
- re-add the previous work item

Any ideas for a simpler solution? Notice that for work item to changeset links currently the supported path is through the SCM CLI as it needs to be done from the domain owning the link type.


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permanent link
Ralph Schoon (62.3k33643) | answered Feb 18 '14, 7:24 a.m.
Arne, I don't think there is an easier solution. Another approach would be to use the versioned properties to store meta information. I am not sure what you want to achieve really, but this might be something for an enhancement request.
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