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RTC integration with build forge

Saurabh Jain (558) | asked Feb 10 '14, 11:55 p.m.
edited Feb 19 '14, 11:09 a.m. by Jennifer Cianchetta-Riordan (2512)

I am trying to integrate RTC server with BF Server for continuous integration of projects using ant scripts. But somehow I am not able to connect them together.

I am refering this tutorial as a reference

Some information about my config :

  1. RTC Server running on : 8.X.X.1
  2. BF Server running on :8.X.X.2
  3. BF agent running on : 8.X.X.3

    Can anybody point me any tutorial or link for reference.

In reference to the above mentioned tutorial link , I have some questions.

Qns 1: In the tutorial I am not able to find out where ANT should be installed ?

Qns 2: Is RTC and JAZZ Source control are same thing ?

Qns 3: From the tutorial it is saying I have to use buildtoolkit , and its location is /jazz/buildsystem/buildtoolkit. But somehow I am not able to figure out rtc_install_Path . Can anybody help me in finding out the default location of RTC Install Path.

Qns 4 : What and How to configure RTC so that it can trigger the build in BF server as soon as some new code is checked in ?

Any help is appreciated.

Update : I found answers for Qns 1 and Qns 3 , but for 2 and 4 , I am still searching

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Lily Wang (4.9k714) | answered Feb 11 '14, 5:53 a.m.
Hi Saurabh,

To answer your question 2 &4:
Qns2: RTC is the product name which contains the function components such as work item management, plan, Jazz source control. So in general, RTC and Jazz Source Control are same.

Qns4: When you create a Build Forge build definition, on the Pre-build page, tick Jazz Source Control. Then you will see a Jazz Source Control tab in the build definition. You need to create a dedicated workspace used for the build. When you create the workspace, input the stream name which you want to build from as the flow target of the build workspace.
To build only when changes happened on the stream,
enable the Accept Latest Changes before loading and Build only if there are changes accepted options on the Jazz Source Control tab.
After you schedule the build to be run at certain interval in the Schedule tab of the build definition, the build will started automatically. With the option Build only if there are changes accepted enabled, build is actually triggered only when new changes delivered to the stream and then accepted by the build workspace.

For the Build Forge build definition configuration, you can refer to
There are also some good article about continuous integration:

In addition, I believe the Build Forge adapter can also  do the code check, but I'm not familiar with it.

Saurabh Jain commented Feb 11 '14, 10:31 a.m.

Please see my comments in detail below.

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Saurabh Jain (558) | answered Feb 11 '14, 10:31 a.m.
edited Feb 11 '14, 10:33 a.m.
Hello Lily,

Thanks for your response.

As you have mentioned , i followed that and created a build engine and a build definition from the eclipse RTC client.

I also provided the input stream name in the build definition and the location where it should copy the code.

In my case location is - /home/sjain/tmp

Everytime when I am requesting a build from Eclipse RTC or directlly from BF console , it is creating a new folder
under directory /home/sjain/tmp ---
something like this /home/sjain/tmp/Customer-Application/BUILD_25

When i saw the contents of this directory it has one workspace folder in it and it contains some eclipse jars.

So here is my question.
Qns 1 :My assumption is that my repository code should be copied here from the stream . My stream contains 2 ANT based java projects. Is it a correct assumption ??

Qns2 : When i checked the logs for my first step of the project where i am trying the fetch the code from the repoistory using jbe adapter , i got this message in warning.

OpenJDK Runtime Environment (version 1.6.0_24-b24)274    2/11/14 10:02 AM        EXEC    Engine Bundle Version:275    2/11/14 10:02 AM        EXEC, 3.0.500.v20130502_0139276    2/11/14 10:02 AM        EXEC    2014-02-11 10:16:49 [Jazz build engine] Searching for buildResultUUID=default277    2/11/14 10:02 AM        EXEC    2014-02-11 10:16:49 [Jazz build engine] The -noComplete argument was specified. The build result will not be completed by JBE.278    2/11/14 10:02 AM        EXEC    2014-02-11 10:16:49 [Jazz build engine] Building only the specified participants: "[]"279    2/11/14 10:02 AM        EXEC    2014-02-11 10:16:49 [Jazz build engine] Not using a proxy to reach    2/11/14 10:03 AM        EXEC    2014-02-11 10:16:55 [Jazz build engine] CRRTC3526W: Warning: The build engine is either not in the repository, or it cannot be accessed by the following user: "saujain". The UUID of the build engine is "default".281    2/11/14 10:03 AM        EXEC    2014-02-11 10:16:55 [Jazz build engine] No requests found.282    2/11/14 10:03 AM        EXEC    2014-02-11 10:16:55 [Jazz build engine] Exiting JBE after completing single build request, RC=1.283    2/11/14 10:03 AM        EXEC    CRRTC3529W: The execution of Jazz Build Engine completed with a non-zero return code (RC=1).284    2/11/14 10:03 AM        EXEC    ENDBFBomPlaceholder1392130975358285    2/11/14 10:03 AM        EXEC    end [/home/sjain/tmp/Customer-Application/BUILD_25@RMV-EAP-SPR-D01]286    2/11/14 10:03 AM        RESULT    0287    2/11/14 10:03 AM        INT    CRRBF0878I: Env Group '[ADAPTOR]' variable 'Last_Run' set to [].288    2/11/14 10:03 AM        INT    Finished Block Processing.289    2/11/14 10:03 AM        MJC    CRRBF1576I: Call JazzJBE adapter and fetch source code completed (0)

I crosschecked my build engine exists in the repository and this is the same user (saujain) that I am using to conenct to RTC.

Can you please help me what I am missing or please let me know if you need any additional information.

Thanks again for your time.

Lily Wang commented Feb 11 '14, 8:29 p.m.

Hi Saurabh,
Qns1, your assumption is correct. The directory is when the source files get loaded.
Qns2, did you start the build from RTC or from Build Forge? In the integration environment, you need to start the build from RTC.
Please also check if you have synchronized properties between RTC and Build Forge.

Saurabh Jain commented Feb 11 '14, 8:58 p.m.

Hello Lily ,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes , I started the build from RTC and I synchronized the properties , but still getting the same error. :(
It seems like properties are not getting passed from RTC to BF.
What can be the possible reasons behind it ?

Please advise.

Thank you

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