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Why can't I promote the build snapshot baseline to stream in RTC when using Jenkins Plugin?

Wendy Murphy (1512633) | asked Feb 03 '14, 6:40 a.m.
edited Feb 03 '14, 7:00 a.m.
Running RTC 4.0.5 using the build toolkit with Jenkins. Once the build has completed using a post delivery setting the build snapshot is not promoting to RTC. We just want to publish the baseline snapshot to be visible to uses. We don't want to deliver as it will overwrite any changes that were committed by developers during the build process.

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Heather Fraser-Dube (4512) | answered Feb 03 '14, 10:11 a.m.
To run the post-build deliver that is defined in the build definition, you will need to add a separate step to your job to do run the post-deliver (Improve our Team Concert Plugin for Jenkins to support post-build deliver (277270) comment 17 describes how). Not sure if you are doing this or not.

However, the post build deliver does have a restriction. All the components must be delivered to the target to change the ownership (publish) the snapshot to the target (it says this on the post-deliver configuration tab). If you want the owner of the snapshot to be the stream that you just accepted changes from, I totally agree you don't want to be doing the deliver of all the components.

Instead of using the post deliver, I suggest you use the command line (CLI) to change the ownership of the snapshot to the stream/workspace. Depending on the release you are using, the command would be

scm set attributes -s/--snapshot <arg> [--snapshot-workspace <arg>] ([--name
                   <arg>] [--description <arg>] [--ownedby <arg>])
                   [-r/--repository-uri <arg>] [-u/--username <arg>
                   -P/--password <arg> | --certificate <arg> -P/--password
                   <arg> | --smartCard -u/--username <arg>]

or (deprecated in latest release)
scm snapshot promote [options] <workspace> <snapshots...>

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