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failed to create new "JazzAdmins" user

Ken Kumagai (64) | asked Mar 10 '09, 7:54 a.m.

I have a trouble in creating new "JazzAdmins" user on "JazzTalk" repository with Jetty running.
The phenomenon is that a check on "JazzAdmins" of new user vanished when I created "JazzAdmins" user and confirmed it again by "Open My User Editor".
This means "JazzAdmins" cannot be assigned to new user...

Reproducing steps are the followings.

1: download
2: make repository by executing "JazzTalk - Create Repository Database"
3: run Jetty by executing "JazzTalk - Jetty JazzServer"
4: login https://localhost:9443/jazz as "ADMIN" and make new user by checking "JazzAdmins".
5: close user editor and open it again -> check vanished !!
(This is caused by both RTC client, and Web UI)

When I tried it with Tomcat, I can create "JazzAdmins" user on "JazzTalk" repository.
In this case, Tomcat is run by executing "server.startup.bat" at the step3.

If you have any idea, please let me know.



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