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Rational Service Tester can not save.

Herbert Wang (122) | asked Jan 12 '14, 9:27 p.m.
1. I have some web service test cases written on RST 8.3.0. When I upgraded RST to, those test cases can be opened and executed but can not be saved with any modification. The save operation looks completed but if reopen the test case, still the previous version.

2. Another question is only for RST 8.3.0. One day each request in my web service test cases became 'Anonymous Request' with error. For example, there is a web service request previous called 'addPerson' and now suddenly its name becomes 'Anonymous Request' with an error sign. And WSDL location in the test case panel is blank. How can I recover? should I add WSDL link one by one?

I guess it lost the dependency to WSDL files. But I checked the WSDL files and all exist in the same path.

Could anyone help? Many thanks!

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