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Sorting work item queries based on custom priorities (enumerations) not working

Eric Smith (122) | asked May 07 '14, 12:04 p.m.
I've added custom priorities to work items, so now we have: Low; Low-Med; Medium; Med-High; High; and XHigh.  I've ordered the literals using the web interface so that they're displayed in the order I want them.  This was all done in: Project Areas->Work Items->Enumerations->Priority

I'm able to assign the priorities to work items, and the icons show up as expected.

However, when I sort a query by priority the order newly created priorities are not sorted properly.  The newly created priorities rise to the top.  How do I get the query to sort the priorities properly?

We're using RTC V4.0, Rational Jazz Team Server 4.0.1, and CCM 4.0.1

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Lily Wang (4.9k714) | answered May 07 '14, 7:17 p.m.
The sorting in the query by an enumeration is based on the literal id rather than the name or the order you defined. There are some same discussion in the forum:
And an enhancement has been opened to address the issue:

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