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Can we merge two iteration plans ?

kiran pasham (4611610) | asked Mar 04 '09, 11:28 p.m.
Here is my scenario.

We have two iterations going on Iteration 1 and Iteration 2. So we have two iteration plans corresponding to each one of these iterations.

Iteration 1 has Project Manager A and Iteration Two Project Manager B. In order to track progress of each iteration PMs can open their Iteration plan and see the progress in it. These two iterations are going in a single release.

How can I see the overall progress of both these Iterations in one place ?

These two Iterations dont have any Parent / Child Relationship. I think RTC 2.0 M2 supports a new type of iteration plan called Release Plan, but that takes care of only child Iteration Plans. Correct me.

Also in our company, what Iterations go in a release can change frequently so we cant create Iteration 2 as sub-iteration for Iteration 1.

I am struggling with for a week now. Any help is valuable.

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