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eclipse client compatibility.. seriously?

sam detweiler (12.5k6189201) | asked Nov 23 '13, 10:32 a.m.
I am updating my dev/test system as I prepare for a new job.. install the latest client..

create repo connections.. what? 4.0.4 can't talk to 4.01, or 4.0.3 servers? you are kidding right?

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Arne Bister (2.6k12732) | answered Nov 24 '13, 10:26 a.m.

No kidding.
I currently have a 4.0.5 M2 Client for testing, and active 4.0.3 and 3.0.1 Clients for productive work in up to four different environments The reasoning makes sense, though: if you remain downwards compatible (a higher version server can talk to a lower version client) you can schedule the server upgrade and then - team by team - upgrade the clients. If it was only the other way around teams who could not upgrade yet would spoil it for everybody else desperately waiting for new server features.
My guess is that ensuring both upward and downward compatibility would incur such an increase in costs that it would drive down the overall ability to bring new and desired feature into RTC.

So your choices come down to: use a 4.0.1 client to access both 4.0.4 and 4.0.1 servers, or use two different Eclipse Clients (on the same computer) to have one of them be version level 4.0.4

Normally I add a disclaimer to please mark the answer as accepted if this answers your question, but in this case I fully understand if you abstain. Still, the only answer I have.

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sam detweiler commented Nov 24 '13, 11:08 a.m.

thanks.. the problem is I want the uplevel client function (delete attachments on 4.0.3) where it is supported. and you never know what the clients data formats might do to different workspaces..  there is no eclipse duplicate workspace.. altho I haven't tried copying the directory tree.

but backward compatible means two things..

old clients work unchanged with uplevel servers. - good, that is supported
new clients work with older level servers (at the connected server level function).
this is what is not available..

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