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Any one install the new Rational License Key Admin reporting tool 8.1.4 and have issues reporting against your CLM servers?

Karl Athanasiou (3121317) | asked Oct 11 '13, 11:40 a.m.

Hi All,

I installed the new 8.1.4 reporting tool and agents in my test env to see what kind of data I can extrude.

I installed the agent on 3 servers.. 1 RLKS 8.1.3 server and 2 RTC 4.0.1 servers.

I enabled the license reporting in the advanced properties on my CLM servers.

I can see my RKLS server but not my CLM server when I try to run reports.

In the server status page under reporting (yes I turned on reporting for all three servers) the Last Read change log time is not available. (both CLM)

My RKLS reporting log read is stuck at a single point in time. I cannot force it to re-read the lmgrd.log file.

Has anyone else played with this and seen the same issues?


Ben Pitzer commented Jan 14 '14, 3:44 p.m.

I'm having a similar issue on my RLKS system, however when I go in to create a report, I see nothing in the list of license servers to select from.  I'd love to hear some ideas of things to check.  I'm also seeing the Last Read Change Time showing as 'not available'.  Thanks.

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