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Why do our burndown charts lack meaningful scales and show nothing?

Leons Petrazickis (1568) | asked Oct 10 '13, 4:38 p.m.
We are using agile on Jazzhub.

We had the default product backlog. We then defined a release timeline and 5 sprints. We assigned items to the sprints, and we're currently in sprint 2. A number of items were complete in sprint 1.

This is what our burndown charts look like:

Why is there only one datapoint on all the burndown charts?

Why is there no label on the x-axis?

Why does Sprint 1 not show up on the Advanced Release Burndown chart?

Why is Sprint 2 at 0 on the Advanced Release Burndown chart?

Is there a field we're not filling out on our work items?

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Stephanie Bagot (2.1k1513) | answered Oct 11 '13, 6:11 p.m.
With regards to the sprints not displaying on the charts, edit your report parameters to ensure that multiple sprints are selected.

With regards to the labeling and other options, it looks like you are running the dashboard version of this report. This using a 'micro' version of the template to ensure it loads quickly in the dashboard without causing a performance impact on the server. You should navigate to the project area and run the actual report, which should show more information and is probably what you are looking for.
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Leons Petrazickis commented Oct 15 '13, 10:09 a.m.

Is the project area accessible on Jazzhub? How do I access it?

I've found a way to run a full Burnup and a full Burndown report, but it is very roundabout, feels wrong, and doesn't allow me to save the report.

1. Open up the collapsible mini-dashboard sidebar
2. Add a burnup/burndown widget
3. Click on the underlined title of the widget to access the full report
3. Click on the pencil to edit
4. Select Sprint 1, Sprint 2, Release
5. Run

Note that if I then click on the pencil and try to "Save As", I get:

The 'Deploy Report' operation cannot be completed. Permission is required to complete the operation.ID CRJAZ6053E

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