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When will dojo 0.9 be adopted by the web UI? <eom>

Frank McGrath (242162) | asked Sep 11 '07, 10:57 a.m.

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Bill Higgins (24611) | answered Sep 15 '07, 5:58 a.m.
Hi Frank, the main point for Dojo 0.9 adoption information is Task 24315 and its children.

To answer your question, we are currently in the process of adopting Dojo 0.9 and have ported over the web UI framework and Admin web UI. We will begin porting over the extenders (Work Items, Iteration Plans, and Reports) next week (week of 17 Sep, 2007).

Best case we are done by end-of-M3 (5 Oct 2007) but more likely we will deploy Dojo 0.9-based code with the mid-M4 deployment (late Oct or early Nov). I'm being cautious on my estimates because I'd like us to have a good deal of test time to smoke out regressions caused by the port.

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