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"Actual Fix Time" (time spent) value is overwritten with an incorrect number

Laura W. Hinson (16126) | asked Sep 30 '13, 3:02 p.m.
edited Sep 30 '13, 3:05 p.m.
I am working in a project where the work item editor presentation has been modified to include a new tab called "Fixing and Documenting."  The estimate, correction, and actual fix time fields have been moved to that tab.

As I have been updating the Actual Fix Time field in my work items, I'm noticing that the value in that field is overwritten. For example, in one work item, I entered 2.5 days as the actual fix time. I saved the work item and everything looked fine.

However, when I refreshed the work item, value changed to 1800000 weeks.


Has anyone seen behavior like this before? This is happening in version 404 of RTC.

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Elisabeth Carbone (616108) | answered Oct 03 '13, 3:16 a.m.
the attribute "Actual Fix Time" is not an out of the box attribute. Maybe this is a custom attribute or you have changed the label of an out of the box attribute. Could you give a bit more information about it: what kind of attribute is it?
Is there any attribute customization ( like for example Calculated values) associated to it?
Did it work before moving to the new Tab?


Laura W. Hinson commented Oct 08 '13, 12:04 p.m.

Thank you for responding, Elisabeth. Unfortunately, I'm not a project administrator, so I don't have information about attribute customization. I forwarded your response to project managers who I hope can help.

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