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How to get a default value on a picker list

Sean Burke (3789122195) | asked Sep 17 '13, 6:53 p.m.
 I want to get a picker box to appear with default value that was set up in enumeration sections.  I don't get a default value filled in on the form.

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Shubjit Naik (1.5k1613) | answered Sep 18 '13, 3:48 a.m.
edited Sep 18 '13, 3:54 a.m.

The default value set in the enumeration seems to work for Enumeration, not for Enumeration List.

You can create a Attribute Customization Default Values for Enumeration List, and assign that as default value for the enumeration list attribute.


Assigning Default for Attribute:

This screenshots are for CLM 4.0.4.
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Eric Jodet commented Sep 18 '13, 4:30 a.m.

 confirmed - this is possible as of 4.0

(check screen cap)


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