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Can I change the source/data of the Charts?

Alex Leach (1122) | asked Jul 15 '13, 4:23 p.m.
When our team moved to Kanban, we created a new "Kanban story" work item type.  Along with this new story type we have many new fields, and a new workflow.  We are now moving back to a more traditional Agile approach, and need to estimate stories again.  I have successfully added back the ABP and HP fields.  However, when viewing an iteration plan and clicking on the Charts tab, RTC displays "No work items were found."  I believe that the charts are looking for the default story type.  Is there any way to change the configuration of the charts to look at our Kanban stories instead of the default stories?  We are trying to avoid changing all of our story types back to the default story type and losing our new workflow. 

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