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Error while associating workitem category to teamarea using Java API

Kaushambi Singh (371310379) | asked Jun 25 '13, 3:05 p.m.
 I could create WorkItem categories but getting an error while associating it to the teamarea.
Getting error in the line createcategory.getAssociatedTeamAreas().add(newTAHandle). I am not getting how to return a boolean object of ITeamAreaHandle inside add method. Getting the compilation error : java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException 

Please help. Below is the related code.

IWorkItemClient wservice = (IWorkItemClient) teamRepository.getClientLibrary(IWorkItemClient.class);
ICategory createcategory = wservice.createCategory(area, categoryName, null);
wservice.saveCategory(createcat, null);

 if (!teamArea.equals("NULL")){
              List teamAreas = area.getTeamAreas();
              List <TeamAreaHandle> teamlist = teamAreas;
              ITeamAreaHandle newTAHandle = findTeamAreaByName(teamlist,teamAreaName,monitor);

//Method findTeamAreaByName

private static ITeamAreaHandle findTeamAreaByName (List<TeamAreaHandle> teamlist, String teamAreaID, IProgressMonitor monitor) throws TeamRepositoryException {
    for (ITeamAreaHandle teamAreaHandle  :  teamlist) {
    ITeamArea teamArea = (ITeamArea)teamRepository.itemManager().fetchCompleteItem(teamAreaHandle,ItemManager.DEFAULT,monitor);
    if (teamAreaID.equals(teamArea.getName())) {
    return teamAreaHandle;
    return null;

Kaushambi Singh commented Jun 26 '13, 2:39 a.m.

 Please reply

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