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How can I add a static reference URL to a work item

Keith Attenborough (1368) | asked Oct 05 '15, 4:26 p.m.
 The team wants a link on the Overview tab of the defect form that will let them click and go to the team's definitions of the various Severity values.



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Donald Nong (14.5k514) | answered Oct 07 '15, 1:51 a.m.
Add a Non-Attribute-based Presentation of the kind Static Rich Text, and you can add a link in the rich text. It will look something like this (I had a hard time aligning the link to the other presentations).

Keith Attenborough selected this answer as the correct answer

Keith Attenborough commented Oct 07 '15, 8:29 a.m.

Great answer - implemented and works like a champ - thanks. 

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Keith Attenborough (1368) | answered Oct 07 '15, 8:29 a.m.
 Great answer - implemented -working like a champ.  Thanks.

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