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Is there a TestManager Build Logs equivalent in Quality Manager

Lynn Chang (611) | asked Jun 01 '13, 9:57 a.m.
retagged Jun 03 '13, 1:25 p.m. by Laura Kuczarski (21137)

We need a way to track the number of possible iterations we have to execute the test cases within a test plan.  In TestManager we accomplished this by setting up a build folder and added a log folder to track each iteration.  I've looked into RQM's timeline and iteration feature.  However we don't know upfront whether we will have one iteration or multiple. 

Here is our scenario.  When we begin executing a test plan, we will run all the test cases in round 1.  If a test case fails during the first execution, then we will have to rerun it again in round 2, after the fix has been applied.  We need a way to identify which test cases ran in round 1 and which test cases were rerun in round 2.  I had experimented with using test case categories but that didn't work b/c it created a linear approach. 

This is an example fo the hierachy we need and be able to track the execution of test cases per round.

Test Plan

    > Round 1

        > test case 1

        > test case 2

   > Round 2

       > test case 2

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Bing Dong Ma (1962) | answered Jun 03 '13, 1:34 a.m.
Hi Lynn,

Actually RQM records which test case is run in which iteration by Test Case Execution Record(TCER).  

In RQM, every time you run one test case, one TCER is created.  And you could generate TCER for test case to plan the test activities.  This TCER has the iteration and the test case information, so I think you could count the number of TCER to calculate what you want by using the query of TCER.   You could even export the query result as Excel and then use the calculate functionality of Excel to get it.   Sure the complex of this calculation depends on how you are using TCER to plan test test activities, only one TCER for one iteration for one test case, or more.  Hope it helps.

About how to create query for RQM artifacts, you could refer

Best Regards,

Bing Dong

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