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DXL feature in DOORS Next Generation

Kasilingam Shunmugalingam (1169) | asked Apr 30 '13, 1:41 a.m.

Is there any update on DXL feature support in DOORS Next Generation? From which version of DOORS NG, DXL will be supported ?

Thanks & Regards,
Kasilingam S

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Richard Watson (1761) | answered May 01 '13, 3:56 a.m.
Hi Kasilingham,

First of all the objective is for a product that can be configured rather than requiring our customers to develop scripts.  We are taking a step wise approach to customization with DOORS Next Generation starting with a server side API through which product integrations can be created.  This OSLC style interface is already in place in the tool.  The next step for us is to introduce support for a common scripting language which can work in both clients and for this DXL is known not to be adequate.  We plan to introduce support for JavaScript and expect that this will surface over the next 12 months.  Following the introduction of JavaScript we will be looking to preserve our customers investments with DXL by offering tools such as translation aides. 

It's difficult to be so open in a public place but please know that it is our priority to protect our customers data and process.  Much of this process is embodied in DXL.

I hope this answers your questions but if it does not please email me directly:

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Koak Lodge commented Sep 15 '16, 4:05 a.m.

This information is more than 3 years old now, and as far as I understand DXL will never be available for use in DNG. Can some Jazz Dev please confirm?

Adrian Haw commented Apr 27 '17, 3:04 a.m.

Never say never. ;-)
I'm not in the Jazz Dev team and not an IBMer but if you search Jazz.Net and DeveloperWorks you'll see this is a very common request, especially from customers coming from DOORS 'classic' (7/8/9).
There are API's, so you could implement something which is a poorrman's substitute for attribute DXL but as it's not native functionality so the options available are  restricted, sometimes difficult to decipher and script performance in a browser is not that great.

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Richard Watson (1761) | answered Apr 27 '17, 3:17 a.m.

 "Never say never". It's true that with software we can do many things.  Clearly the question is what we have an intention to do.  It's been three years since I responded to this posts and a whole host of releases have been made.  DOORS NExt Generation now has a JavaScript interface.  It's possible to have an open social widget running on a mini-dashboard in DNG and computing information in a similar way to attribute DXL.  Some customers are indeed doing that.  Making use of JavaScript to mimic attribute DXL does have a draw back in that the end user must have the customisation deployed and that can not be enforced yet.  

Attribute DXL itself has a draw back in that the computation is done on your client machine.  We are working on additional server side APIs which would allow you to make things more performance. I can't speculate on a date for that butmit is certainly,support mething we are interested in.

In terms of DXL itself I think it is time to say that we do not have an intention for IBM to develop a DXL interpreter for DNG. Looking at the model required for customisation of a we based application, where data is typically stored on the server and not downloaded on mass, the model for customisation is some what different to the coding approach of DXL.  It's also valid to say that a huge amount of the traditional DXL is no longer needed.

Please feel free to email me directly if you need more information

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V D (133) | answered Nov 14 '18, 1:50 a.m.

 Hello Richard,

We were looking at DOORS Next Gen as a tool that would help us replace Rational DOORS Classic but with all our processes embedded in dxl we haven't yet found a good reason to migrate to Doors Next Gen. We are still convinced that staying on DOORS Classic is preferable. I agree that DNG is a web based application and hence getting an equivalent of dxl is challenging but I see that getting to DNG for most organizations that have embedded their processes in DOORS Classic with the help of dxl is almost impossible.

Correct me if I am wrong, but are there any customizations available wherein one can automatically create work items in RTC after setting a requirement target in DNG based on the number of tests to be conducted (we are doing this in DOORS today) Is there a way to add 50 plus variant-list in one go against requirements defined in DNG i.e. populating Variants as attributes and setting applicability of these against the requirement (We are doing this today in DOORS) 

I need information on how far have we reached on DNG on customization aspects and if there are no plans to help us implement our organization processes into DNG which have already been implemented in DOORS, I don't see DOORS Classic going anywhere for the coming decade.

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Sean F (1.3k246158) | answered Nov 14 '18, 2:46 a.m.
I think DOORS 9 support is ending from IBM quite soon.

The Javascript widget customsability is a major guddle compared with DXL.

The multi-threaded concurrent nature of the Javascript widget execution means that even simple scripts can be quite complex to develop compared with their equivalent in DXL.

DNG could really use some kind of simpler DXL like scripting solution for data manipulation.

Richard Watson commented Nov 14 '18, 5:53 a.m.

Hi Sean,

As the Offering Manager of DOORS and DNG I need to set the record straight.    

DOORS support is certainly NOT ending soon.  In fact there is no "end date".  It is true that versions of software go out of support but we have two full versions of DOORS under support (9.5 & 9.6) and have no intention to reduce the number of DOORS releases under support.

IBM would love clients to be aware of DNG.  There are many things DNG can do to provide benefit to an organization that DOORS will never do.  However, if you have a reliance on DOORS then there is no support pressure to move.

Sean F commented Nov 14 '18, 7:00 a.m.

Thanks Richard.

I was repeating what I heard from a customer I was visiting recently.

Good to know that DOORS 9 and DXL will be supported into the future.

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