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Visual Studio Plug-in "Setting sandbox to..." Never Completes

Troy Oldham (1122) | asked Apr 05 '13, 3:44 p.m.

The group I am with is using Visual Studio 2012 and the Team Artifact plug-in. Once VS losses the sandbox setting, I am not able to set the sandbox using the "Set Current" option. The window appears showing the progress bar and the "Setting sandbox to C:\PL", but the progress bar never progresses past half way.

Others in my group do not have this issue.  I am assuming it is a setting of some sort. I am just not sure what. Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.

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Krishna Kishore (50112) | answered Apr 08 '13, 9:09 p.m.
 Hi Troy,

What do you mean by "Once VS looses the sandbox"?, are you switching between sandboxes in the VS client?. If they are any nested sandboxes we have seen that Setting sandbox takes some time before the operation throws an error. When given a path the RTC VS client checks the parent folders for nested sandboxes but it does not check the child paths before setting a sandbox. Can you check if their any ".jazz5" folders under "C:\PL" other than "c:\PL\.jazz5", if they are any such folders it means that sandboxes are nested and c:\PL cannot be used as a sandbox unless all the ".jazz5" folders except for "c:\PL\.jazz5" is removed.

One more question I have is why you need to set a sandbox every time, if you are working VS Solutions/Projects which are shared in RTC, the sandbox will be set automatically once you login to the RTC repository and open the appropriate Solution/ Project.

If you are seeing this issues very often it would be a good idea to open a Workitem in and attach the Verbose log. How to collect the trace log is explained in the link


Troy Oldham commented Apr 09 '13, 10:36 a.m.


Thank you for your response.

I only have the one ".jazz5" file within the "C:\PL" directory structure. Others exists for other repositories but they are all found within different directory structures.

I am able to set the current sandbox just once. If I logout of the box or shutdown Visual Studio, I have to reset the current sandbox for the Team Artifact to see the loaded files once again.

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Krishna Kishore (50112) | answered Apr 10 '13, 1:27 a.m.

Hi Troy,

The RTC VS client does not remember the current sandbox path across sessions. For the RTC VS client to track the changes, you have to either set a path as a current sandbox(from the Sandbox history node in Team Artifact Navigator) or open a VS project/solution from an existing sandbox location.

In your reply you mentioned that you are able to to set a path as a current sandbox and view the tracked changes, if this is the case its working as designed. If their are issues in setting a path as sandbox once VS has started and you have logged in to the RTC repository then we need to investigate the problem, the issues could be because of:

1) Sandbox path has nested sandboxes : Based on your comment we can rule this out

2) The RTC SCM throwing errors when setting this sandbox: We would need the log files to check this.

3) The Sandbox is corrupted: If you are facing this problem for a particular sandbox path (in this case C:\PL) thier is a chance that the metadata for the sandbox(stored in .jazz5 folder) is corrupted. Can you try loding the same repository worksapce in a different location(not a child of C:\PL) and check if you encounter the same issues.



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