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How to get RTC 4.0 jts/setup to prompt for login credentials (LDAP + WAS)?

Gary Craig (2155) | asked Feb 26 '13, 10:45 a.m.
I have installed the applications into a WAS 8.x and configured security against our LDAP server.  I then run the setup - jts/setup and immediately get the "user ID you logged in with is not recognizable".   It would appear that it is trying to auto-login with ADMIN/ADMIN which of course is not a member of any of the LDAP groups associated with the security roles.
Is there a way to force login during the initial jts/setup?  Do I need to do this prior to configuring LDAP security?

Jared Russell commented Feb 26 '13, 11:51 a.m.

I've never encountered a situation where RTC has auto logged me in, it will always require authentication. Did you previously login in the same browser session (maybe to the WAS console)? If you did your browser will be sending the same cookie to RTC which is why you are already authenticated.

Restarting your browser will clear the cookie and I expect prompt you to authenticate.

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