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Notes on setting up a floating CAL setup on 1.0.1

Anthony Kesterton (7.5k5176136) | asked Nov 13 '08, 4:40 p.m.

I took some notes on how I set up my local RTC 1.0.1 client and server instance to use the floating license system. I already had normal licensing working before I started this. I added the floating licenses to the normal team server - this is not the only option. Hope it is useful to someone.

The Jazz Team Server has a component that enables it to be a floating license server. The Jazz Team Server can be used as a standalone floating license server or as a combined regular Jazz Team Server and floating license server.

Once your Jazz Team Server software is installed, you need to do the following to configure floating licenses:

1) Make sure the Jazz Team server has started successfully
2) Login to the Web UI of the Jazz Team Server.
3) Go to the Server page, and select the License Key Management page in the Configuration section.
4) Import a Server Activation key. Note there is no special license required for authorised users or floating users the server license itself remains the same.
5) Add in the URL of the Jazz Team Server that will be acting as the floating license server. Note this must be an HTTP, not an HTTPS address.
6) Use the Test Connection button to make sure your Jazz Team Server can see the Floating License Server
7) Now go to the Floating License Server page
8) Upload the Floating Client Access licenses for your Developers and Contributors. These must be specifically floating licenses.

Your licenses should now be available for use.

To enable each users to make use the floating licenses, go to the User Management page, and for each user that requires a floating license select the relevant license from the specific Rational Team Concert Floating Developer/Contributor section on the Client Access License section.

Note the following:

No special Server activation key is required to set up floating licenses the standard server activation key should be used.
You must use a http link to the Jazz Team Server instance that is going to be the floating license server.
You must use specific floating CALs to get the floating licenses for each user
You do have the option of installing an additional instance of the Jazz Team Server to act as a floating license server only. This uses the same server activation key as your normal Jazz Team Server. This new server may not be used as a full Jazz Team Server, only a floating license server.


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