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IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody - Model Manager 6.0.6

Product Release / Trial | June 15, 2018
This is not the most recent version. We recommend IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody - Model Manager 7.0.3 . This is made available for archival purposes and may contain bugs and/or security vulnerabilities. If you do download this version, it is being provided AS IS, without warranties of any kind, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. We strongly advise you review the support pages for this version and update the product or take actions recommended therein. Security bulletins contain instructions for the security vulnerability addressed therein, and may require upgrading to a newer version. Link to security vulnerability blog: IBM PSIRT blog.

Rhapsody Model Manager 6.0.6 New and Noteworthy

Rhapsody Model Manager 6.0.6 New & Noteworthy

The Rhapsody Model Manager installation option as part of the Design Management installer enables you to install the Jazz Team Server and several applications and client tools. For new and noteworthy information about parts of the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM), see these pages:

For a list of changes to the installation and upgrade process, see the CLM and IoT CE 6.0.6 Installation and Upgrade Notes.

New in Rhapsody Model Manager 6.0.6

For a complete list of new and noteworthy items in this release, see the Rhapsody Model Manager 6.0.6 New & Noteworthy.

Overview of Rhapsody Model Manager

The rising complexity of the products and systems being developed globally is driving engineering teams to seek effective model-based engineering practices, including model-based systems engineering (MBSE). At the same time, the rising compliance demands are driving the need for rigorous change management and lifecycle traceability while at the same time engineering teams must maintain or improve their quality and engineering productivity.

To achieve these goals, the engineers who create these models must be full participants in the development lifecycle by participating in activities that span engineering disciplines, such as:

  • Planning
  • Requirements elaboration and validation
  • Change management
  • Reporting

Rhapsody Model Manager is an evolution of web-based model management and traceability first delivered in Rhapsody Design Manager. Rhapsody Model Manager provides the following features:

  • Enterprise-class configuration management built on proven Rational Team Concert SCM technology
  • Traceability to models, tests and work item using OSLC Requirements Management and OSLC Architecture Management services with integrations to Rational DOORS Next Generation and Rational DOORS
  • Web views for creating and navigating OSLC traceability
  • Model files can be organized in fine-grained components in Rhapsody Model Manager, participating in global configurations
  • Fine-grained access control for managing visibility to portions of your models by partitioning their files into components
  • Server rename support for teams to transition Rhapsody Model Manager and other Continuous Engineering tools from a test environment to production

Roles and their typical workflow:

  • A team lead or configuration lead sets up a development stream in Rhapsody Model Manager with at least one component and contributes this Rhapsody Model Manager stream to a global configuration that includes at least one requirement stream or baseline.
  • A practitioner creates and edits models in Rational Rhapsody V8.3. The practitioner uses explicit change sets or automatically check-in their changes to the stream in Rhapsody Model Manager. After check-in and change set delivery the model changes are visible in the Rhapsody Model Manager web user interface, which is textual (not diagrammatic) in this release.
  • You can create links between requirements and models in Rational Rhapsody, the Rhapsody Model Manager web user interface, Rational DOORS Next Generation, or Rational DOORS.

This release of Rhapsody Model Manager is designed for production use by new teams seeking requirement-model traceability in global configurations. Most teams using Rational Design Manager can choose to continue using this product, especially those whose primary use cases involve design reviews on the web or viewing model diagrams on the web.

For details, see MBSE across the lifecycle: Introducing Rhapsody Model Manager.