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Design Management

Product Release / Trial | April 23, 2019
Design Management Release Notes

Design Management Release Notes

For information about documentation and support resources, software and hardware requirements, and installation or upgrade steps, see the Getting Started page.

For known issues or important information about parts of the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM), see these pages:

For a list of changes to the installation and upgrade process, see the CLM and IoT CE Installation and Upgrade Notes.

Design Management

To see important fixes in this release, use the query that is listed below.

Important: If you plan to deploy the Design Management Server on WebSphere® Application Server, review this security alert: Possible security exposure with WebSphere Application Server with WS-Security enabled applications using LTPA tokens.

Fixes in this release

For a list of all fixes in this release, see the defects fixed in Rational Design Manager query.

Known problems and workarounds

For known problems and workarounds published at the time of the release, see the release notes: Workarounds and Limitations: Known issues in Design Management

To search for post-release issues that IBM Support documented, visit the IBM Support Community.