Agile@Scale Overview Series

Author: Bhawana Gupta, IBM
Last Updated: 10 June 2023

Build basis: Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) 7.0.2

Products referenced in this article were renamed in version 7.0. You might see a mix of old and new product names in this article and in any attachments.

The IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) solution provides robust, cross-domain support for adopting agile@scale to help organizations transform into lean enterprises. Learn about what it means to be a lean enterprise, how agile@scale and specifically the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) can help address critical business imperatives, and how we provide support in the tooling by looking at this presentation: ELM-An integrated approach to lean-agile using SAFe60

For information on how ELM’s support for agile@scale and the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) methodology have changed release-to-release, explore these presentations:

Agile @ Scale – What’s New in ELM 7.0.2
Agile @ Scale – What’s New in ELM 7.0.1
Agile @ Scale – What’s New in ELM 7.0
Agile @ Scale – What’s New in CE 6.0.5
Agile @ Scale – What’s New in CE 6.0.6
Agile @ Scale – What’s New in ELM
Agile @ Scale – What’s New in ELM 7.0

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About the author

Bhawana Gupta is a Senior Product Manager in the IBM Engineering Product Management team. She is responsible for driving the solution and capabilities for agile@scale and SAFe in the Engineering Lifecycle Management solution. She can be contacted at

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