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RQM Keywords with Test Data

Nick Ranns (2347) | asked Jan 17 '13, 11:56 a.m.
I'm using V4.0.... patiently awaiting my server folks to apply to 4.0.1 upgrade.....

While playing with script execution and using test data with keywords, I noticed that when you create a new script by using keywords AND do not choose the 'replace keyword steps', the test data values in the .csv file attached to the script does not replace the test data markers with values.  This is only if the keyword is in the first step... the other keywords throughout the remainder of the script worked fine.  Is this a known bug?  Is it fixed in 4.0.1??



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Prasun Roy (1674813) | answered Jan 17 '13, 4:33 p.m.
edited Jan 17 '13, 4:34 p.m.
I created a Keyword out of a script that has got Test Data in 1st and 2nd step. Then inserted this keyword in another script as the 1st Step and then again in 2nd step. When I execute the  Test Script I see the Test Data values correctly replaced for each of the steps. Re-check your scripts there must be something wrong with the Keyword script. Ensure that the Test Data in the scripts (including Keyword script) shows up like a button (raised borders).

P.S. - I am using RQM 4.0
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Nick Ranns commented Jan 21 '13, 11:33 a.m.


Thanks for the feedback.  Upon reading your post, I verified my keyword test script.  It seems my test data attached did not include test data markers for the ones that were left blank.  That explains why no data was populating.

Also, a key thing I am slowly realizing is that if you replace the keyword steps, it will use the test data attached to the current script.  If you just attach the keyword, it will use the test data attached to the keyword test script.

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