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Automating addition of an empty folder into different Project Areas

Simon Mayell (2677) | asked Dec 13 '12, 6:37 a.m.
A user on our project needs to add an empty folder to projects in multiple components in multiple streams in multiple project areas.

Is there a way to automate this?

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Andrew Hoo (1.0k1) | answered Dec 13 '12, 9:22 a.m.

There is no tooling to support this type of automatic creation.

I don't know how many components/streams you are thinking of, and whether or not this is a one-time batch initialization (vs having to do this frequently sometime in the future). It could be possible to write some tooling with the SDK or the CLI+scripting - but you could possibly do the work manually in less time then learning an entire SDK/CLI.

One thing to consider while doing this is whether or not this empty folder is the "same" folder when existing in these multiple components. (I suspect not since you also have the same pattern applied across multiple project areas) - but if it is then you will want to make sure you do a "cross-component move" (vs creating a new folder that happens to have the same name in each component).

Once you create your folder once (for each given project area and component), then disseminating it across streams that have that component should be trivial busy work of changing flow targets and delivering it.

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