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Work item template gives "The 'Summary' attribute needs to be set"

Julie Rotter (3866) | asked Dec 04 '12, 3:23 p.m.
We are using CLM, and have a work item template that is failing (upon filling in the variables for Planned For and Filed Against) with:

Assign Template Variable Values Cannot create work items specified by the template. 'Save Work Item' failed. Preconditions have not been met: The 'Summary' attribute needs to be set

This is from the eclipse client.  The web client is running into the already reported "Error TypeError: this._proxy.getAttribute is not a function".. which we're in the process of installing the hotfix.

The template has a large number of children/grandchildren/etc (I haven't counted but it's probably close to 100).  I verified that all the work items included in the template have Summary values set.  Also, I removed the "Related To" links from the template - just in case that was the problem.

Any ideas are appreciated!  Thanks!

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Julie Rotter (3866) | answered Dec 12 '12, 9:23 a.m.
In case anyone else runs into this:   it was caused by a "$" in the Summary field of one of the child work items in the template.

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jank wenger (1111) | answered May 09 '14, 4:39 a.m.

 i'm facing the same issue for web UI version 4.0.4. .Although the attribute for summary has been correctly set in both client and web :"editor presentations", the same error message still occur.need help!!

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