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IBMi workitem driven build

Carlo Tordella (323) | asked Nov 15 '12, 10:20 a.m.


I'm running RTC and RDP 8.5. Configured project area in order to manage RPG applications lifecycle.

My question is : how to start build on iseries box of sources files (all and only) contained in changeset associated to a specific workitem (change request) ?

Thanks in advantage for any suggestion.

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Sean Babineau (38825) | answered Nov 20 '12, 4:43 p.m.
 If you want to have a build scoped to individual changesets, control the changesets coming into the stream you are going to build from. For example:  
  1. Create a stream to control the incoming content. 
  2. If you're doing incremental builds into libraries that already have content, set the content of this stream to be at a snapshot level consistent with what is in the libraries you're going to be building into. [Or, if you're using the dependency build, you could build into empty libraries with the library list setup to find referenced objects if needed.]
  3. Create a build workspace to accept incoming changesets to build. 
  4. Create a build definition to execute this changeset-scoped build. 
  5. The release engineer who is running these builds will be responsible for selecting a changeset to be built, and delivering that to this stream. Perhaps you'll have another integration stream where developers can deliver changes at will, and the release engineer who is running this changeset-scoped build will select the changeset to build. 
  6. Request the build. The build will accept this single incoming changeset, load the source to the referenced load libraries, and build it. Voila! A work item scoped build!
Obviously, this model doesn't scale well if you have thousands of changesets coming in and your poor release engineer is building them all one at a time. But it might be useful where there is limited, tightly-controlled change to mature code. 

Also, how the release engineer selects the changesets to build depends on your process. E.g. you could have someone approve workitems for changesets ready to build, and configure a Work item query for the release engineer to find "ready-to-build" changesets to deliver to the work-item-scoped-build stream.

Hope this helps, 
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Andreas Nicoladoni commented Nov 21 '12, 2:25 a.m.

Hi Sean,

is it possible that this question is the same I have had in 2011 and for which you have created workitem 170195? I think this workitem is out of scope beacause our company has been the only one which requested this possibility.


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Dejan Custic (2855) | answered Nov 16 '12, 3:16 p.m.
There is a Help section about IBM i builds

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