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where can i get .cognos file from rational insight/cognos

Ravinder Byreddy (1133) | asked Oct 15 '12, 8:34 a.m.
 while creating a Report Template  the eclipse is asking for a design file with extension .cognos , .rptdesign , .query , .dta  .
i got information .rptdesign is from BIRT Report Tool.
i am not able to find .cognos file , we are currently developoing reports in cognos with a SQL Server DB . 
this DB is not RTC DB , RTC Data Ware House .

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Rafik Jaouani (5.0k16) | answered Oct 16 '12, 11:05 a.m.

Only BIRT (rptdesign) and RPE (dta) report resources can be uploaded from the Eclipse Client.

Cognos Report Resources must be configured using the Reports WEB User Interface. Please use the "Create Resource from Custom Report" action from the Report Resources page.

Creating a Resource from a Custom Report will not let you upload Cognos reports to the jazz server, it will just let you link in to already deployed Cognos reports from the Cognos Report Server.

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Michael Fox (61643) | answered Oct 15 '12, 8:55 a.m.

Cognos reports are not stored in files, in the same way BIRT creates the .rptdesign file.  Cognos stores the report definitions in the Content Store database.  This database is set up when you installed Insight.  Cognos uses it for all its internal information, not the file system like BIRT, so there is no Cognos equivalent to the .rptdesign.

When you are creating an RTC report template, RTC is asking you to select the Cognos report it should use. I believe it can give you a list of the report defined in Cognos for you to select from.

Ravinder Byreddy commented Oct 16 '12, 2:52 a.m.

Many thanks for the reply.

while creating RTC Report Template it is asking for congnos Report it should use . 
and RTC is expecting the i/p as ".cognos" or ".query"  or ".dta"  .  
( RTC is only expecting ".rptdesign" or ".cognos" or ".query" or ".dta"  files to create Report Template )
so there should be a mechanism to generate ".cognos" file .
if there is no way to get ".cognos" file , why is RTC expecting ".cognos" file .

Can someone help me to create Report Template in RTC using cognos report .

Michael Fox commented Oct 16 '12, 9:10 a.m.

hi Ravinder

I sent an email to people on the RTC team who should be able to describe how to set up these reports in RTC in more detail.  Have you checked the Info Center documentation, as the process is described there.

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Ravinder Byreddy (1133) | answered Oct 17 '12, 7:57 a.m.
 Thanks Rafik
i tried to create "Resource from a Custom Report" in WEB User Interface . it is not showing any reports under Available custom Reports . instead it is showing error " Cannot reach the IBM Rational Reporting Server. Please check network connectivity and verify the server location is correct and the server is running" . 

i have configured my Report server URL at "Custom Report Connection" under admin .
the URL i gave is "https://hostname:9082/reporting/servlet/dispatch" . 
after giving this URL , when i click on "Perform Additional Reporting tasks" at WEB User interface the links provided to navigate to Query Studio , Report Studio .

where do i need to configure inorder to get rid of the "Cannot reach the IBM Rational Reporting Server. Please check network connectivity and verify the server location is correct and the server is running " error  , and to see the  custom reports from the reporting server .

My Reporting Server is pointing to a other DB , not to RTC DB or DataWardhouse.

and in my Report server i have developed so many congnos Report . do i need to setup some thing at my Report server to see them in RTC custom Reports .

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