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variables in the Build Definition (for z/OS)

Jorge Nagasaki (17512217) | asked Sep 26 '12, 11:11 a.m.

I have a need to set the Load Options in the Build Definition at the parameter "Resource Prefix" for every user that runs the build.  In the specific case a Userid fo example  ( actually a little more complicated  something like "DEV.<userid>"   .   I tried to use a global variable buildRequesterUserId and tried to enter something like :

{buildRequesterUserId}   in the resource prefix field..

But this does not work , as I get the error "Invalid character in qualifier "

Is there any way that we can set this paramters automatically for every different users?

Like Rdz uses the logged in userd id as prefix to Data Sets..

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Guy Slade (64158) | answered Oct 01 '12, 11:55 a.m.
Hi Jorge

Right now this is not possible. Our current thinking is that a build definition would be set up for a team build environment and when a developer needs to build into their own sandbox area they would perform a personal build and override the prefix when they submitted the personal build.

Please open an enhancement request if what I have described above does not fit well with your situation.

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Jorge Nagasaki (17512217) | answered Oct 02 '12, 2:43 p.m.
Enhancement Request Opened .. WI # 234804.  Tks

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