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What could have caused this Mentioned By link to be created?

Michael Walker (99215201157) | asked Sep 14 '12, 2:18 a.m.
One of our team members added the comment below to work item A and then received an email that a Mentioned By link was created in work item B that references work item A.   

Work Item B is Story 22493.  I don't see why a link was created between the 2.  There's another Mentioned By on the same work item where it is obvious why the link was created.

Any ideas? We're on RTC


Thank you, done.

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Geoffrey Clemm (30.1k33035) | answered Sep 15 '12, 8:26 p.m.
In order to determine why a "mentioned by" link was created, it is the number of the mentioned work item that matters (e.g. in this case, the work item number of work item A).  If you look at work item B in Eclipse, you will see the reference highlighted and underlined, so that makes it easy to find.   In general, RTC creates a mentioned-by link whenever the text in a work item contains the name of *any* work item type, followed by an integer.   So in your example above, if you have any work item type called "statement", then "statement 1998" will be considered a reference to work item 1998.   There are a lot of work items asking that this behavior be changed/improved.   One of the earliest is work item 69880.
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Michael Walker commented Sep 17 '12, 2:22 a.m.


Thanks for the reply. I finally traced this to Defect 117591 and it occurred because a user who did not have auth to Stories added a comment to a work item that Mentioned a story. Since he didn't have auth, it removed the Mentioned link when he saved his comment.

Then another user who had auth to Stories added a comment to the work item and that added the Mentioned link back and sent an email out making it look like it was new.

Your reply also answered my next question. The link to the story was created by a user entering 'defect 23422' rather than 'story 23422'. From your response it sounds like it can be any work item type and not the specific one for the record.

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