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About the code review in RTC

Hehui Liu (7052830) | asked Aug 14 '12, 8:45 a.m.
Currently, we are using the code review of RTC, and we have set the precondition that only the reviewer approve the code, developer could submit his code. But here what we want is set two roles as the reviewer, say team leader and SME, and just only need to get one of these roles approval, the developer could submit his codes. Does any one know how to configure this?

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May Wong (3712) | answered Aug 14 '12, 2:36 p.m.
Hi Hehui,

Let me try to answer your question.
Currently, RTC doesn't support defining an OR condition for approvers. There is a practice internally used by RTC teams to handle a similar situation. First you grant two people same role and add both people to the approval and have the precondition configured to just require 1 review.

For example, there are iterations where we require a "team lead" approval before a developer can submit code or deliver changes. During those iterations, you can add both Marco (the team lead) and Deb (the PMC member) as Approver, since both Marco and Deb have the team lead role so either of them can review. Then if either one approves the review, he or she deletes the other person from the approval as a way of saying "I'll handle this one".

Do you think that your use case can be handled this way? If not, can you please answer the following questions to help us further understand your needs:

  1. What does SME mean?
  2. If SME is a role, why this use case requires optional approval from either one?
  3. What kind of the configuration you expect to see in RTC? ( Can you please describe where you expect to see it fits)
  4. How important to you that this use case can be supported in RTC.

And also for your reference, here is a blog about enforcing work item approvals in RTC. To enforce source delivery approvals, go to the Process Configuration in the RTC eclipse client, and add precondition for delivering source under the Operation Behaviors.

Hope to hear you back! Thanks for providing your feedback on using RTC.

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David Olsen (5237) | answered Aug 14 '12, 2:28 p.m.
It is not possible to configure the deliver precondition that way.  There is no way to say that the review must be approved by someone with either role A or role B.

A possible workaround (though not a very good one) is to define a new role, such as "Code Reviewer," specify that role in the precondition, and assign that role to everyone who is allowed to approve code reviews.

-- David Olsen, IBM Rational, Jazz Process Team

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