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CQ Connector Sync - Parent Child relation

Ram Babu Pulluru (3113) | asked Aug 02 '12, 5:46 p.m.
We have CQ RTC bridge setup in our project and it works excellent. 
 We have set up parent and child relation for the work item on the Clear quest and we are using links for maintaining Parent and child relation on RTC. Is there anyway that we can map them and sync them both ways?

I appreciate any kind of advise on this matter.


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Matthew Alexander (18126) | answered Aug 13 '12, 12:35 p.m.
Parent/child relationships would be mapped just as reference fields are.  Here is a link to the Infocenter topic on mapping reference fields:  link
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Matthew Alexander (18126) | answered Aug 06 '12, 2:03 p.m.

Are you using the ClearQuest Bridge or the ClearQuest Synchronizer?  It sounds like you are using ClearQuest Bridge.  If so, parent child links cannot be created automatically on both sides (you would need to recreate them in both ClearQuest and RTC if you want them in both places). 

If you are using the ClearQuest Synchronizer, it is possible to map and synch parent/child relationships.

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Ram Babu Pulluru (3113) | answered Aug 13 '12, 11:28 a.m.
Thanks Matthew for your response. 

Can you please let me know, how can I map and sync parent/child relationships in ClearQuest Synchronizer?

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