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After importing Custom Reports (RRDI) into CCM - the export to PDF option is throwing a HTTP Status 500 error stating Report descriptor not found for "%reportUUID value%" ?

Naren S (11121) | asked Aug 01 '12, 8:43 p.m.

I created a custom report for displaying a summary of Work items in RRDI and imported that report into CCM for a particular project area ( the report was set to shared). If I execute the report it displayes the correct value on the page and when I try to export the report output to PDF it comes back with an error saying

Report descriptor not found for "%reportUUID%" being passed in the URL.

I don't have any problems exporting the pre-defined reports and I can successfully export the report in RRDI URL to PDF.

Here is the sample URL when I receive the error message: https://%ServerName:PortNumber%/jts/service/

We are currently running RRDI 1.0.2 on Websphere Application Server version and RTC (JTS) is on Tomcat 5.5.30.

Both have Windows 2008 Server Standard Operating System.

Let me know if you can help.

Thanks and Regards,


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