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Newer versions of workitems aren't always found when searching

Glenn Bardwell (58621427) | asked Jul 30 '12, 10:42 a.m.
Newer versions of workitems aren't always found when searching

Pre-requisites (web browser option for user A is to check for newer version of stored pages automatically)
   - User A: opens WI #A in web browser
   - User A: searches and opens a WI #B
   - User B: opens WI #A and modifies one field in web browser. Saves WI #A and changes are displayed to User B
   - User A: searches and opens again WI #A (using the search WI functionality). Although web browser option is to search for newer versions always, the WI #A changes are not updated. User A needs to perform a manual refresh to see changes.

I understand that an automatic notification is not sent to the web client after a save operation in the server is done, but if the browser is configured to check for newer versions for each page, shouldn't it display the changes to UserA when entering to see the WI #A again? Is there any additional RTC client cache independent of browser cache options?

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Glenn Bardwell (58621427) | answered Jul 30 '12, 10:43 a.m.
A save participant is used to update the value in the parent workitem when a child is saved.

Re-opening a work item in the editor after its values are changed shows an outdated version from the client-side cache. Our client cache in the browser is not invalidated when the server manipulates attributes of an item, thus when reopening an item the cache's version is shown.

Link Creation Refresh
A save participant is used to update the links associated with the work item.

The saved work item shown in the editor does not show the modified links. The problem is that RTC assumes all changes in the updated workitem are sent to the server. Currently we don't notify the client about additional changes to the item after the save request returned.

In both case a mechanism is missing to notify clients when the server modified attribute values.

This is currently an enhancement request Refresh of affected Work Items by a Follow-Up (178885)
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