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[closed] Rational Insight v 1.1 - Parallel Jobs Processing in DM

sasanuru kumar (3142219) | asked Jul 26 '12, 3:35 a.m.
closed Mar 01 '21, 3:11 a.m. by Krzysztof Ka┼║mierczyk (7.4k475103)
Recently Rational Insight (RI) application upgraded with RI v 1.1. Now, I would like to know about Cognos Data Manager (DM), will be execute the jobs parallel y like Data Stage and Data Manager version is 10.1.1. For Ex, created two jobs named Job1 and Job2, in which one DB table is common which will be updated/inserted the data. Hence, these jobs are scheduled at same time, assume the there is no data issue in source files. After execution of these 2 jobs, jobs got failed with Time out error on the common table. Anybody, have been implemented this kind of scenarios? Is it possible to execute the parallel jobs in Data Manager?  Thanks your suggestions/solution in advance. 

The question has been closed for the following reason: "The product is no longer supported." by krzysztofkazmierczyk Mar 01 '21, 3:11 a.m.

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Jin Peng (9634) | answered Aug 01 '12, 2:59 a.m.
It is not recommended to use parallel jobs in Rational Insight, in case there is data corruption problem. For the problem of Time out, it should be up to database lock mechanism, for example, Row lock will cause the job time out.